Thursday, April 30, 2009

Current trends in design : Movie posters

Don't ya love movie posters? A constant reminder of the biggest blockbusters coming up.

Growing up in the 80s, I'm more familiar with this style:

For some reason people then preferred the faded illustration treatment.

However, at Apple's trailer site, I noticed a blinding amount of blank space. Upon closer inspection, these were identified as movie posters. Keep in mind these were taken from just the first TWO pages and are among the latest movies. Click to enlarge:

In Apple's attempt to redesign the fucking world, they've convinced movie execs to ship posters ala iPod aesthetics.

Bit much? Not sure how much this helps/harms a movie trailer's chances of being viewed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In the works

The saying goes

Creative people, do.

Unfortunately there's only so much I can do. With x hours in a day, a full time job and a loving girlfriend I like to spend time with.

So a lot of my projects have had the pause button switched on :(

Some shit I'm working on:

Real estate website for Malaysia

If you've ever tried to find Malaysian property online, you'll realise how incomplete the current services are. A new website has opened recently but having navigated through it, I still think the design is rather crap.

I must say redesign
The process of creating an online footprint is going swell. However I feel it's time to move on. Look out for some pretty big changes as soon as I can find the fucking time. Involves an archive of projects in the past, ones in the works and those to come.

Super-secret patent for some gimmicky technology
Involves mobile media. If all goes well this will be fuckin' awesome.

The never ending book project
What sort of two-bit copywriter would I be if I wasn't attempting a book?

The photography book project my girlfriend will never approve of even though she was the first to agree to doing it before we were dating
Involves semi-naked women.

The great trip to Cannes Lions Advertising festival
There is an upcoming competition held by Youtube and the Cannes organisers involving a viral video submission. Young Lions competition, 48 hour deadline, then 2 weeks to get the most views. Judging also based on the most creative idea. The brief hasn't been released yet but I know part of what we're doing to try and win it.

We take pride in being manly men, creative men, men with talent and balls. And we're putting those balls on the line. If we win, my partner and I will make out live/recorded and paste it on youtube. So rack up those views as soon as the videos are up!

More info: here

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Ruud Update

I feel an immense guilt for not writing consistently. I'm hoping by writing this down, it will amend my lack of activity on this blog. The only people with a consistent update on my life are

1)Agency Fellows

So for the rest of youse, here's a quickie

The Girlfriend
She's very sweet, and understands my job (at least for now). I remember telling myself that if I were to date again, it'd have to be someone who knew and understood what I did for a living. Good thing she does.

4mbps Internet connection
I know this is nothing to people overseas, but in Malaysia this is the fucking speed-o-light.
Perks: Can now download porn faster than male fortitude allows.
Cons:Girlfriend would dismember, my member.
Solution:I watch my favourite TV shows, she gets access to chick flicks and romcoms*

TVC Production
I love the almost sinful environment/treatment at recording studios and post productions. We've got a bunch of boards currently in post, a super cool radio ad and more TVCs waiting in the wings. So if all goes well, I stand to gain 10 kilograms by the end of May.

Between work, a full-time girl and a speedy Internet connection, it's no wonder I barely have time for my poor cyber journal. But the updates will come. I believe Twitter has consumed by megalomania for now. Bits at a time anyway.

Anecdote: I suspect the gf often wonders to herself what I love more. Work, the Internet or her.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Miniature movies reviews

I have an Internet connection again! So of course I've been legally obtaining movies on the information super highway. Here are my thoughts on a few. Oh, spoiler-ific btw. So avert your eyes if you're, you know, a fucking prude or something.

Marley and Me

Owen Wilson gets a dog. It's really annoying and eventually it gets old and dies. No plot twists, nothing.

Quantum of Solace

Bond tries to dismantle a secret organisation. Succeeds. Severe lack of sex scenes for a Bond flick.

Paris Je T'aime

Bunch of directors make short movies ranging from 5-15 minutes. Compiled into one long movie and charges you the price of a full one. Some are good, some SUCK FUCKING BALLS.

Man on Wire

Documentary on french guy trying to walk on a tightrope between the WTC in NYC. Succeeds.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm allergic to penicillin

An allergy of the worst variety.

The sort that leads to anaphylaxic shock.

So what's that like?

I was watching Boston Legal with the GF (amazing show btw) and felt kind of drowsy so I went to bed. At that point I had ingested the pills for about 10 minutes.

5 minutes later, I felt a terrible itch in my hands, followed by my scalp and then face. It felt like a swarm of red ants had just given themselves a full-on fucking go-ahead at my flesh. Everything then heated up to sun-surface temperatures, and according the the GF I looked terribly flushed.

Now here's the thing, I watch a lot of House M.D and for whatever reason knew that this was an allergic reaction. I remember saying, "Babe, this isn't good. I'm having an allergic reaction to the meds, I think you should call an ambulance."

After which I could feel my face and hands start to swell (I'm not sure if this was just a mental thing or panic induced), and fell to the floor from lack of energy/breath. Typical of Malaysian Emergency Services, no one was picking up, so the GF calls a cab instead. At this point I was just trying my hardest to breathe, a fucking monumental task when you feel like your throat has swollen in on itself.

Not stopping there, I suddenly felt like throwing up. A stagger to the toilet and much projectile vomiting later, I still didn't feel better. But on the bright side, if my throat was able to let out that much gunk, I at least knew I could breathe slightly. I crawled back to the living room and collapsed on the floor, and that's when the diarrhoea hit.

Another stagger to the toilet and an attempt to balance myself on the stool without falling over. I hadn't realised at the time because I had trouble staying conscious, hence my eyes being closed more often than not, but my vision was terribly blurred. I couldn't see anything in front of me. Just a mish-mash of objects melding into one another.

After I was done ejecting bodily fluids, I staggered back into the living room, and basically fall onto the floor again. Spent the next few minutes just trying to breathe before the cab arrived and my life-saving girlfriend verbally coaxes me into walking to the lift and into the cab.

Got back to the clinic that issued the antibiotics (a few minutes away) and had a steroid injection, where he also explained anaphylaxis to me. To which I replied, "Oh, you mean like in House?"

Anyways, I'm not sure how close I was to kicking the bucket. I've heard differing opinions. I know at several points I was thinking to myself, "Man, this really sucks. Dying blows. It's so fucking overrated." And whenever I lost consciousness there would be a feeling of imminent blackout and telling myself ,"I wonder if this is going to be it". I drifted in and out of that state for a bit.

So that's that. I went back home and passed out. Felt perfectly fine the next day. Told some close friends what happened and had a few good comical responses. Thanks to the peeps that called and texted. Nope, didn't want to be admitted, I fucking hate local hospitals and I can't afford the fancy private ones.

From Ashley, "From prescription meds? I always thought you'd go from sex, drugs and rock and roll!"

From Raj (upon being told I almost kicked it) , "Huh? AGAIN AH?"

Testament to my luck in recent times -_-

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Did you know?

Interesting to know that shit you learn at uni will be outdated by the time you graduate. Pays to keep in the know. Sometimes I wish I had more drive to learn essential skills when I was younger. I think so few of us realise that the things we figure are fun/cool can be essential skills at future jobs if taken seriously.

The amount of people I've met recently that have valuable skills to constribute to a work environment that they gained through a random hobby: way too many.

I suppose I have my current job because I loved to write and think/talk about stupid shit. It's great when movies = homework.*

*Where a lot of ideas are born. Tell me these guys weren't Monty Python fans

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The power of names

It wasn't too long ago I read Freakonomics. My opinion? Interesting but too skewed on specific American events. I'm aware the writers are American, but I had hoped it would be more globalised. I guess Malcom Gladwell has created a response to fulfill my inane desire.

There was this one chapter in Freakonomics though, talking about names. How people with certain names did better and the ones named Honeytree Beesforfree* weren't exactly the world beaters we know today.

How I was named
Story goes my dad had a good friend called Rudy Frei(sp?) and I was named after him. German fellow. I never met the man, hence I suspect I'm some sort of biological homage. Which is fine and dandy, but turns out the guy's full name was Rudolph. This is what I was told.

On occasion I wonder if it was just some cruel joke, debated how much my parents liked Christmas, pondered on the possibility of it being a character building procedure.

Or maybe they were just fucktards that didn't think that far ahead. I was their first kid after all.**


Cue a decade and-a-half of mocking from Children and even authority figures.

I guess it did build character. It's just one of those things, you let it eat you and deny with full vehemence the true nature of your calling. Or you deal with it and tell them, "So what? Are you some sort of bigot? DO YOU HATE ZE GERMANS?".

Love the irony of playing the racist card because of a German name.

I think it was just last week someone added me on facebook, where my full name is displayed. Having been introduced to her as Rudy, I waited for the inevitable response.


Before I respond with my usual:

"Yes, it's German".

It's really grown on me. I like it. Besides, how many reindeer do you know?

*I'd like to digress, I'm sure she's head of a hippy commune.

**I love you guys ;p