Monday, June 30, 2008

part two

Why hello.

This is an experiment of mine to perhaps solve several questions

1)Does anyone still read this
2)Do they care
3)Can I even write at all?

Well the list goes on. You see, initially this blog was created as an outlet, a way of venting the ceaseless number of thoughts that ran through the mind of mine. However that's sort of what I do for a living nowadays.

I'm a copywriter in an agency called Naga DDB. They call us "creatives": a glorified term that people use to make us feel better, and rightly so. For we are all up ourselves in the art, industry, culture and love of the work we do. Imagine the best job in the world, then imagine the worst job in the world. Couple the two and then scale it up a notch. That's what I do on a day-to-day basis. Most people ask for more specifics, as they don't really know much about advertising. I can't blame them. We spend our time, and millions of the client's money doing our thing so they can look good and hopefully sell more product.

Now it would be a problem if people went, "Hey that's a great ad from Rudy" rather than, "Goddammit. I fucking want a Carlsberg". So don't blame yourself if you have never heard of steps A-Z of the advertising process.

"But Rudy."

You might ask.

"What is it that you do exactly? That's a brief summary of the ad industry, but what pray tell is your position? Seems that all you do is wake up, go to work and come back at ungodly hours. Sometimes lacking in sobriety."

My dear friend, how observant. Since you've asked so nicely, how can I not comply?

I think of ideas on how to best sell a product for a client. My partner will pretty up our visual and I will write the words that no one reads anymore. Look around you and you will see how we've tarnished your beautiful world. Those colourful pages in the paper, that annoying jingle on the radio, that billboard you turn a blind eye to. That is what we do. But sometimes yes, we create something that you tell your friends about. Because you love it. It touched you and made you laugh. It made you believe and for a moment you could relate. When that happens it is magic. But it is also my drug. That brief wave of success. That is advertising.

Well to me anyway and that's the gist of it.

I believe several of you may have asked me why I don't blog anymore. Well, I don't have much time for anything of that sort to be honest. When you're free, the prospect of having a good time seems infinitely more compelling than sitting down at another computer and tick-tacking away. I do that all fucking day dammit. Give me a break!

However, I have returned from yet another sabbatical. No promises as always. And I do hope you enjoy my work. Online and out there.

Advertising joke. Haw-haw.