Saturday, May 10, 2008

Why hello there traveller

Stay awhile and listen.

Well you may have noticed things have changed a bit. To the strange few that are worried over this. Try not to.

Let's be honest.

I can attest to being as vague as possible when I write sometimes. So let's amend somethings.

I currently work full time at an ad agency. One started by Bill Bernbach a long time ago. It's hectic, but anyone who's heard anything about the advertising industry can agree with that being rather common in this strange business some of us fell into; most of the time by accident. I don't think many people grow up wanting to be in advertising. We all see great ads and think to ourselves, "Wow, that's nice". But no one ever mentions that you can get paid to come up with stuff like that.

That's right, I get paid to sit my ass down with my feet on the desk half the time coming up with ideas to make sure that you buy the client's product. It's fun. They couldn't keep us in the office 65 hours a week(Saturdays off!) otherwise.

Being in the ad industry, you learn a lot of things. I've done quite a few odd jobs in my life, from the oh-so cliche job of being a waiter to being a marketing exec/analyst in a video game development cum IT firm. The list goes on, but there's no job I have encountered so rewarding, challenging, frustrating, fun, relaxing, mind blowing and well paying at the same time.

Scratch the well paying part, I think most of us would tell you that considering the hours we put in, too much is never enough.

Anwyays, we're talking about the things we've learned. In my case it's a skill gained. The ability to see things in a new light, and a sense of maturity I was in fact quite lacking less than 6 months ago. Since then, any work that I have done in the past has been scrutinized to it's core. And I realised how bad a writer I was. I can't say I've improved very much, but at least when I can be damned, I try my best to make things a little bit more readable, for you. Because let's be frank, who blogs for themselves? There's a little thing called a private journal you self-indulgent twat.

Well I do it for friends and loved ones. Some of us do it for fame(hah!), some for money(there are easier ways, but whatever), and some really have nothing better to do .

I can't say I'll ever write about anything intelligent. These opinion pieces and social observations are a bit beyond me right now. What I can do is promise you a little bit of me, and if that's what you're looking for, you're in for a treat. Especially the "little bit" part. 65 hour weeks have taken a toll on any extracurricular activites. But as they say, writing is a muscle, and I must flex it at times.

So welcome to my playground.